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I'm a Deputy News Editor with Hearst Digital Media, contributing to 17 different magazines' sites, including the site you're reading right now. I write about all sorts of news, whether it’s politics, entertainment, or lifestyle.

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Nicole Curtis
‘Rehab Addict’ Star Nicole Curtis Posts Emotional Message Amid Her Custody Battle
“The most valuable gift you can give your children is to remind them they came of love and laughter, not hate and $500 an hour attorney…
Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams Shares the Scary Reason She Ignored Her Health Issues

Wendy Williams is returning to her talk show t0day, after taking three weeks off to deal with her health.

Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw Speaks Out for the First Time About His Scary Collapse on Stage

He collapsed during a concert in Dublin, Ireland on Sunday.

Dog in a carrier on a plane
A Puppy Died During a Flight After Being Forced to Fit in the Overhead Bin

United Airlines has apologized for the “tragic accident."

Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw Steps Out for First Time After His Scary On-Stage Collapse

He suffered from dehydration during a concert in Ireland.

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Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw Collapsed On Stage During a Concert in Ireland

The country star was suffering from dehydration.

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kelly clarkson i've loved you since forever hoda kotb
Kelly Clarkson's New Song Is Inspired by Hoda Kotb's Daughter

Parents everywhere need to hear this powerful lullaby.

Ryan Michelle Bathe and Sterling K. Brown
Sterling K. Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe's Love Story Has More Ups and Downs Than 'This Is Us'

The way they finally got together is fit for a television show. 😍😭

Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearny
Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearny Have a Heartwarming Love Story

They went from coworkers to partners to parents.

Jordana Judson
After Woman’s Friend Dies In Parkland Shooting, Police Officers Cover Her Flight to Florida
"What the officers did made my heart full. It was just a selfless act of humanity. We need to see more of that to balance out all the b…
daylight saving
Here's the Real Reason We "Fall Back" on Sunday

Here's why we "spring forward" on March 11.

These Are the Victims of the School Shooting in Florida

17 people were killed and 14 others are injured.

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