10 Best Movie Costume Ideas for a Star-Studded Halloween

Channel the big screen this Halloween.

When it comes to Halloween preparations, mosts folks tend to fall into two categories: those who have their costumes planned months in advance, and those who prefer to pull something together at the last minute. If you tend to fall into the latter group, we totally get it. The Halloween costume options are endless, which can make it tough come decision time. You could think outside of the box and go for a funny or pun-related costume. Or, go with a Halloween classic, like a cat, witch or pirate. But honestly, those are still pretty big pools to choose from. Why not look to the big screen this Halloween and get inspired by one of our best movie costume ideas?

To help get your creative juices flowing, we rounded up 10 DIY movie costume ideas that are so easy to put together using items you likely already have in your closet. (Or you can shop our picks online and have them delivered right to your door).

movie costume ideas breakfast at tiffanys
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For this list, we concentrated on popular throwback movies, like Sandy from Grease, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and Marty McFly from Back to the Future, but you could certainly look toward more current flicks too. The best part about looking to the big screen for Halloween inspiration? Most of these ideas also work for a best friend, group, or couples costume scenario too. (Don't see your favorite movie here? Check out our Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Legally Blonde, and The Avengers costumes too.)

Sandy Costume, Grease

movie costume ideas sandy grease
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If you're hopelessly devoted to the musical movie Grease, then this easy-to-pull-off costume is for you. Best of all? You'll get use out of these pieces long after Halloween's over. For example, you can pair the bodysuit with high-waisted jeans and loafers, and the leather leggings with an oversized sweater.

Get Sandy's Look

Forrest Gump Costume, Forrest Gump

movie costume ideas forrest gump
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All you need is a light suit and plaid shirt to channel beloved movie character Forrest Gump. Don't forget the box of chocolates though—it's what drives the look home.

Get Forrest Gump's Look

Baby Costume, Dirty Dancing

movie costume ideas baby dirty dancing
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Nobody puts baby in a corner! Show off your moves in this flirty getup from the movie's iconic last dance scene.

Get Baby's Look

Mrs. Doubtfire Costume, Mrs. Doubtfire

movie costume ideas mrs doubtfire
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Say "Helllooo!" to Halloween by channeling the marvelous Mrs. Doubtfire. Search vintage floral dresses on Etsy and top off the look with a white apron, a gray wig, and pair of oversized glasses.

Get Mrs. Doubtfire's Look

Holly Golightly Costume, Breakfast at Tiffany's

movie costume ideas breakfast at tiffanys
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The best part of dressing up as Holly Golightly? You can make almost any black dress in your closet work, since it's the accessories (a pearl necklace, gloves, and a faux cigarette holder) that make the look recognizable.

Get Holly Golightly's Look

Ghostbuster Costume, Ghostbusters

movie costume ideas ghostbusters
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Who you gonna call? Your friends...to wrangle them into making this idea a group costume.

Style Your Ghostbuster Costume

Dorothy Costume, The Wizard of Oz

movie costume ideas wizard of oz
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Instead of buying a costume you'll wear once, layer a cute gingham dress over a white blouse and wear them as separates when the holiday's over.

Get Dorothy's Look

Vivian Ward Costume, Pretty Woman

movie costume ideas pretty woman
Hulton ArchiveGetty Images

It's been 29 years since the film Pretty Woman hit theaters, but you'll be instantly recognizable in this cute polka dot look.

Get Vivian Ward's Look

Cher Horowitz Costume, Clueless

movie costume ideas cher clueless
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Go mad for plaid this Halloween and dress up as the queen bee of the '90s, Cher Horowitz, from the movie Clueless. Not blonde? Don a wig to really nail the look.

Get Cher Horowitz's Look

Marty McFly Costume, Back to the Future

movie costume ideas back to the future
Universal PicturesGetty Images

You can pull off the Marty McFly look without going full-on '80s. Opt for more "current" denim pieces and sneakers you'll want wear again.

Get Marty McFly's Look

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