clean pool with magic eraser

Cleaning Tips

How to Clean a Green Pool With a Magic Eraser

"People think I’m probably crazy for trying this, but it works."

cleaning a keurig tips
How to Clean a Keurig
Whether you use vinegar or descaling solution, make sure you're clea…
instant pot
How to Properly Clean Your Instant Pot

You don't even want to know what one woman found in hers!

unshrink a sweater
This Brilliant Trick Can Un-Shrink Your Sweaters

Now you don't have to kiss your favorite sweater goodbye.

laundry egg
This Egg Can Wash Up to 3 Years' Worth of Laundry

This plastic egg will save you so much money.

Make your home shine with our best advice for cleaning every nook and cranny of your house.
pinterest cleaning hacks
25 of the Most Popular Cleaning Tricks on Pinterest

Make your life easier with these genius hacks.

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50 Simple, Old-Fashioned Laundry Solutions

A little bit of TLC can go a long way.

What Is 'Swedish Death Cleaning?'

It sounds scary, but it's actually genius.

It's Official: You Should Never, Ever Microwave Your Sponge

There's really only one way to ensure your sponge is clean.

This 1940s Cleaning Trick Is the Secret to Streak-Free Mirrors

Make a mental note of this trick for your weekend cleaning.

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The Easiest Way to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet—Without Stripping the Seasoning

Find out why everyone is obsessing over this deep-cleaning gadget.

5 Gross Things That Happen When You Don't Wash Your Sheets Enough

Your bed is a germy wasteland.

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10 Things You Need to Remove From Your Bathroom Right Now

It's time to say sayonara to bar soap. Trust us, it's for your own good.

some hotels do not wash sheets between guests
New Investigation Finds Some Hotels Don't Wash Sheets Between Guests

Here's how to avoid sleeping on those second-day sheets.

The 25 Most Genius Home Tips We've Learned Over the Years

Add these winning tricks to your tidying routine.

7 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Here's how to greet yourself with a sweet scent each time you open the door.

11 Foods That Actually Make the Best Home Cleaners

Next stop for a clean home? Your pantry!

10 Funny Ways to Deal With Your Household Dilemmas

Lost a sock? There's a silly, but also kind of clever, solution for that.

6 Smart Ways to Kill Fruit Flies

Take back your fruit bowl.

Please Don't Sit On My Bed In Your Outside Clothes

Just think about where your clothes have been.

10 of the Dirtiest Things in Your Bedroom Right Now

Apparently, we share our beds with around 1.5 million dust mites every night.

5 Simple Steps to Getting Rid of the Junk in Your House

Ready to try out this whole minimalist thing?

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