Farrah Fawcett


Inside Farrah Fawcett's Cancer Battle

The iconic actress died at the age of 62.

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The Best and Worst Moments From 'The Voice' Finale

People can NOT stop talking about these performances.

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The Voice - Season 16
Why Fans Were Outraged During ‘The Voice’ Finale

People were not happy that it took two hours to announce the results.

The Voice - Season 16
Why ‘The Voice’ Fans Think Maelyn Jarmon Got an ‘Unfair’ Advantage in the Finale

Not everyone was happy with the last remaining member of Team John Legend.

taylor swift height
Taylor Swift Opens Up About How She Became Comfortable With Her Height

The superstar says she "didn't like being tall" when she was younger.

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best lifetime movies list
The Best Lifetime Channel Movies for Superfans

Make sure you've watched all 20 of these—trust us.

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The Voice - Season 16
'The Voice' Finalist Andrew Sevener Is Already the Lead Singer in a Band

There's a few things fans don't know about the country artist.

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