Why 'NCIS: LA' Star Barrett Foa Won't be on the Show When It Returns for Season 11

He'll be back eventually, though!

    We have good news and bad news, NCIS: Los Angeles fans.

    We’ll start with the worst of it first: Barrett Foa, who plays tech whiz Eric Beale, will not join the rest of the cast when the show returns for season 11 in September. CBS confirmed to TVLine that the network is granting Barrett a leave of absence so he can star in a production of Angels in America this fall.

    ncis los angeles cast
    We’ll miss you, Eric!

    But here’s where it gets better. Barrett will return at some point. The outlet reports that he’ll be missing from five of the first six episodes, but it should be fairly business as usual after that. They even already have an explanation for why he’s away, and it sounds pretty entertaining.

    Apparently, Hetty (Linda Hunt) is sending him on a high-stakes mission that involves another company, and when he returns, “the situation will take a dangerous turn and Eric will need to rely on the team to survive.” We’re already stressed!

    ncis la cast eric nell
    It just wouldn’t be the same without Eric and Nell.
    Monty Brinton

    Overall, though, it’s a relief to hear that Barrett isn’t leaving altogether. Viewers had growing concerns that he or his on-screen girlfriend Nell (Renee Felice Smith) were quitting the series, as their storylines both suggested they could relocate to San Francisco.

    So when it comes to choosing a little less Eric or no Eric altogether, we’ll definitely vote for the former. Still, we’ll miss his presence while he’s out doing Hetty’s mysterious bidding. Hopefully none of the other stars get any ideas about leaving any time soon.

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