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10 Things You Didn't Know About Rescue Dogs
Get the facts before you adopt a deserving pooch.

Cute photos and videos, plus expert advice and the latest news on kids and pets.

Kids & Pets
32 Questions Your Vet Wishes You Would Ask
Our vet answers the most pressing questions about your dogs.
cat on couch
Cleaning Tips
9 House-Cleaning Tricks to Make It Seem Like You Don't Own Pets
Try these smart fixes for getting rid of paw marks, bad odors and all that hair.
Kids & Pets
15 Things You Didn't Know About Golden Retrievers
We all know they couldn't get any cuter, but you may not know these surprising facts.
dog flu
Kids & Pets
Dog Flu Is Now Spreading Across America
Here's what every pet owner needs to know about this scary virus.
Grandmother with her grandchildren
Kids & Pets
A New Study Confirms How Important It Is For Kids to Spend Time With Their Grandparents
Grandma and Grandpa knew it all along.
Grandfather at granddaughter's bedside
Kids & Pets
This Photo of a Grandfather at a Little Girl's Hospital Bed Is Breaking Hearts Around the World
"She hasn't had the chance to live her life yet."
Kids & Pets
9 Things Animal Shelter Workers Want You to Know
Read up before you adopt!
joanna's sister's baby
Kids & Pets
Joanna Gaines' Younger Sister Mary Kay Just Gave Birth to Her Sixth Baby
The good news keeps coming: Joanna is pregnant and has a new niece.
Kids & Pets
25 Things You Never Knew About Chip & Joanna's Kids
The Fixer Upper stars have kept their four (soon-to-be five!) kids largely out of the spotlight.
Kids & Pets
Ree Drummond's Newest Ranch Hand Is an Adorable Basset Hound Puppy
Welcome to the family, Henry the Great!
chip joanna gaines new baby name ideas
Kids & Pets
Here's What Chip and Joanna Might Name Their New Baby
Any guesses?
luke bryan kangaroos
Kids & Pets
PETA Slams Luke Bryan for Gifting Kangaroos to His Wife At Christmas
The animal group is now calling for an investigation.
Kids & Pets
Humane Society Finds Dog 'Frozen Solid' on the Porch Outside Of an Ohio Home
Let this be a reminder to everyone to bring your pets inside when temperatures dip.
dog bedroom
Kids & Pets
This Dog Mom Turned Her Spare Closet into an Adorable Bedroom for Her Pooch
Kids & Pets
This Golden Retriever Just Became a Mom and She Is So Proud of Her Babies
Just look at that face!
Kids & Pets
12 Dog Christmas Stockings for Pups That Have Been Good All Year Long
Happy paw-lidays!
kids christmas pajamas
Kids & Pets
15 of the Most Snuggle-Worthy Kids' Christmas Pajamas
*Fleece* Navidad!
christmas crafts for kids
Kids & Pets
12 Cute Christmas Science For Kids
Craftmas time is here!
12-foot bed
Kids & Pets
This Massive 12-Foot Wide Bed Is Here to Save Your Marriage
It's almost twice as big as a king size mattress.
Kids & Pets
The FDA Is Warning Dog Owners to Avoid Bone Treats, After 15 Dogs Died
These potentially dangerous treats are available in pet stores across the country.
Kids & Pets
28 Adorable Bloopers From The National Dog Show
Show dogs? More like show offs!
Newton the Brussels Griffon wins Best in Show at the National Dog Show
Kids & Pets
A Brussels Griffon Named Newton Won The National Dog Show
This dog is our spirit animal.
dog owners live longer
Kids & Pets
Dog Owners Live Longer, According to New Study
Just another reason to adopt a dog!
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